Eigenvalue Sensitivity Analysis of Discrete Power Systems Including Generator Controllers and TCSC
발전기 제어장치와 TCSC를 포함하는 이산 전력시스템의 고유치 감도해석

Deok-Young Kim
2010 Journal of the Korean Institute of Illuminating and Electrical Installation Engineers  
In this paper, the eigenvalue sensitivity analysis is calculated in the power system which is including both generator controllers such as Exciter, PSS and thyristor controlled FACTS devices in transmission lines such as TCSC. Exciter and PSS are continuously operating controllers but TCSC has a switching device which operates non-continuously. To analyze both continuous and non-continuous operating equipments, the RCF method one of the numerical analysis method in discrete time domain is
more » ... ime domain is applied using discrete models of the power system. Also the eigenvalue sensitivity calculation algorithm using state transition equations in discrete time domain is devised and applied to a sampled system. As a result of simulation, the eigenvalue sensitivity coefficients calculated using discrete system models in discrete time domain are changed periodically and showed different values compared to those of continuous system model in time domain by the effect of periodic switching operations of TCSC.
doi:10.5207/jieie.2010.24.12.193 fatcat:zijqvs3genecxo2muiq7bbijgm