Speech Diagnostics Of Orientation Peculiarities Of The Personality Of Adolescents

Fomina Nataliia, Orlov Vladimir
2017 Zenodo  
The article is devoted to the most important psycholinguistic problem on determining the features of personality of adolescents' orientation with the help of speech diagnostics. The authors, relying on the scientific concept of N.A. Fomina for integrated research of personality's manifestations in speech activity, substantiate the possibility of speech diagnostics of individual psychological peculiarities of the language personality. They substantiate the choice as a subject of speech
more » ... s of personality's settings, which, being manifestations of orientation as a system-forming component in the structure of personality and her activity, reflect the sense-forming value orientations and aspirations of the person to achieve the set life goals. The complexity in formation of life guides in the modern individualistic consumer society, the replacement of genuine human meanings and values of life with ersatz-meanings; distribution, including with the help of Mass media, among modern youth of asocial attitudes to an easy, comfortable life, obtaining pleasures in various ways, including in the process of using psychoactive substances and alcohol are pointed out. The complexity of conscious choice of life goals, formation of the right orientations and attitudes in adolescence – a period of contradictory and crisis transition to adulthood, which essentially determines the further development and success of socialization of the individual are emphasized. The data on increasing in early adolescent, most often group, beer, alcoholization, which can quickly lead to physical and mental dependence on alcohol and destruction of personality, which, unfortunately, has become a popular symbol of growing ups and informal unification in the youth environment are shown. The article also present the results of speech diagnostics of formation in modern teenagers of installations for alcohol consumption, showing the level of their [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1088406 fatcat:wkwv7syd4bck3p62j5pywmayne