Review on the Studies of Influence of Color Diagnosticity on Object Recognition

莹 李
2015 Advances in Psychology  
Our vision system recognize objects by various features of the object, including shape, orientation, color, texture as well as other properties. Based on the conclusions of previous researches we found that color diagnosticity as the core character of object color information has crucial influence on object recognition. Difference of color diagnosticity can decide whether color information has effect on object recognition. Besides, in different researches, the operational definition of color
more » ... gnosticity, tasks of object recognition and object categories are usually manipulated differently, which lead to the divergence of the role of color information in object recognition. Future studies should take all these experimental variables into consideration, and pay more attention to the effect of color information on object identification and the unique function of brain image in this field.
doi:10.12677/ap.2015.52011 fatcat:imro6p3o7ffnlgudwr4eaeav4m