2018 Turkish Studies  
Gender influences are seen in social structure. These influences along with reflections on the rhetoric, roles and statue cause separation of woman and man in social life. Gender related judgements and the acceptance of these judgements shape many social institutions such as family, education, economy and politics. Thus, situations arise where women and men can not participate equally in institutions, areas and facilities. In other words, problems arising from the gender perspective also make
more » ... pective also make it difficult for the individual to act in both genders, to make decisions about living with a broader perspective, and to be able to move freely without being under the influence of the sexist point of view. In this sense sociological research are important in terms of creating an equal and mutual distribution of social structure. For this purpose, questionnaires were applied with 160 students of Bursa Teknik University. Survey data were analyzed using SPSS 16.0 program and evaluated from a sociological point of view. The results show that students are not influenced by gender roles and have a point of view beyond gender discrimination. Another result of the study is that the differences in gender are mostly seen in culture (36.2%). According to the students, the most effective institutions for struggle along social sanctions are seen as education (43.1%) and family (40.7%).When assessed from a general perspective, it has been seen that young people have rejected judgments about gender and have an egalitarian point of view. At the end of the work there are some inferences and reccomendations.
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.13823 fatcat:wdxe2gg2cbg6zolmbgk5dfsc5q