Research on Target Detection Algorithm of Radar and Visible Image Fusion Based on Wavelet Transform

2020 Tehnički Vjesnik  
The target detection rate of unmanned surface vehicle is low because of waves, fog, background clutter and other environmental factors on the interference. Therefore, the paper studies the target detection algorithm of radar and visible image fusion based on wavelet transform. The visible image is preprocessed to ensure the detection effect. The multi-scale fractal model is used to extract the target features, and the difference between the fractal features of the target and the background is
more » ... ed to detect the target. The radar image is denoised by a combination of median filtering and wavelet transform. The processed visible light and radar image are fused with wavelet transform strategy. The coefficients of the low frequency sub-band are processed by the average fusion strategy. The coefficients of the high frequency sub-band are processed using a strategy with a higher absolute value. The standard deviation, the spatial frequency and the contrast resolution of the image fusion result are compared. The simulation results show that the processed image is better than the unprocessed image after the fusion.
doi:10.17559/tv-20190104103349 fatcat:iqywflu5tndyfp2czyfpdk2hvy