Edmund Belfour
1842 The Lancet  
488 11 The committee are anxious to explain, as distinctly as possible, the way in which relief is given. Each member of the committee is supplied with a printed check-book, from which he issues orders to respectable tradesmen for bread and meat, coals and potatoes. " In this way, during the past year, the committee have given away to very many truly deserving families 33201bs. of meat, 3320 loaves of bread, 1250 cwt. of coals, and 17,500 lbs. of potatoes. "This plan has been adopted to avoid,
more » ... s much as possible, the misappropriation of the relief given ; and so strict have been the means employed to ascertain that the families were warmed and fed as designed, that not a single case has been known during the past year of any parties relieved selling their food for any needless or injurious article."
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(02)81813-x fatcat:xmhtx5ixcne67klkdqxtwkmug4