Purificación de biogás utilizando agua a presión óxido de calcio y carbón

2015 unpublished
Palabras clave: biogás, purificación, compresión, agua a presión, óxido de calcio. Biogas purification using water under pressure, calcium oxide and charcoal. Abstract Biodigesters are frequently used in Costa Rica as a way to comply with water discharge regulations, as well as to generate biogas and fertilizer. However, when there is biogas surplus, it is burned directly instead of being purified and compressed. This motivated the design and construction of a portable equipment that eliminates
more » ... most of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, leaving biogas > 90% pure. Countercurrent water was used to dry and further purify the biogas at a pressure of 200 kPa, followed by the use of calcium oxide and charcoal to dry and eliminate the remaining impurities. Once the biogas is treated, it is ready to be compressed up to 830 kPa using a modified air compressor.