Sensotronic Brake Control System Accelerating New Technology

Tejas Parge, Siddharth Kshirsagar
2014 International Journal of Engineering Technology   unpublished
Sensotronic Brake Control-also known as Brakes of the future is appellation given by Mercedes to an innovative electrically controlled brake system which operates more precisely than a conventional hydraulic braking system. Within no time you press the brake pedal and the sensor identify situation in hand, the microcontroller makes an exact calculation of brake force necessary and distributes it between the wheels as per the current scenario. This allows SBC to critically reduce stopping
more » ... es [3]. With Sensotronic Brake Control electric impulses are used to pass the driver's braking commands onto a microcomputer which processes various sensor signals simultaneously and, depending on the particular driving situation, calculates the optimum brake pressure for each wheel. The factor causing burgeon in SBC demand is that it plays a major role in offers even greater active safety than conventional brake systems when braking in a corner or on a slippery surface. With the help of a high-pressure reservoir and electronically controllable valves it is ensured that maximum brake pressure is available much sooner. Moreover, the system offers innovative additional functions to reduce the driver's workload which include Traffic Jam Assist, which brake's the vehicle automatically in stop-and-go traffic once the driver takes his or her foot off the accelerator resulting in a comfortable driving experience even for long distances. The Soft-Stop function-another first-allows particularly soft and smooth stopping in town traffic. Taking into account additional safety conditions Mercedes has a backup hydraulic only braking system if due to some malfunctioning SBC fails.