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Sophie Aubin
1990 unpublished
Didactologie/didactique des langues-cultures et didactique de la musique du français: réflexion(s) en 2016 Synergies Portugal n° 4-2016 p. 123-142 123 (...) je ne saurais soutenir autre chose aujourd'hui que ce que je soutenais hier. Synergies Portugal n° 4-2016 p. 123-142 retrospetivas constituem uma oportunidade para, em 2016, continuar a reflexão sobre os progressos em didatologia e sobre a problemática dos limites da didática do plurilinguismo. Palavras-chave: didatologia, didática,
more » ... o, música, progressão Didactology/didactics of languages-cultures and didactics of French music: reflection(s) in 2016 Abstract Going back to the sources of definitions of the French Didactologie/didactique des langues-cultures, drawn up by Robert Galisson in the years 1985-1986, we are able to observe, in particular, that the current landscape of didactics is strongly marked by the preponderance of the use of various modes of application relatively easy to control, whereas one would have thought that this trend was nowadays passé. This approach also allow us to take notice of Robert Galisson's help in demonstrating the legitimacy of Didactics of French Music (1996) at a time when the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CECR in French) was neither published nor applied. These retrospectives are the occasion to continue, in 2016, the reflection on the didactological progression and the problematic of the limits of plurilingualism didactics.