Self-Lubricating Alumina

Pranti Tawheed, Faisal Bin, Shahin, Al Zabir, A Ehsanul, Haque Mashuk, Mehdi Alam, Md Nasfikur, R Khan
2017 Asia Pacific Journal of Engineering Science and Technology   unpublished
Aluminium Oxide (Al 2 O 3) is a self-lubricating based on nanocomposites. This are mostly used material in engineering sector for its high-tech structural application, stiffness, light weight, strength, elasticity and durability. Based on expert's research, Aluminium Oxide nanocomposites are a combination of Al 2 O 3 and a metal matrix element (Metal, Polymer or Ceramic). Self-lubricating Aluminium Oxide are widely used in many industrial applications such as laminates, adhesives and
more » ... ives and construction materials, aircraft, racing boats, aerospace and automotive applications. Technology of friction, wear and lubrication of relative motion surface is known as Tribology. In that essay/report we will try to research on technical aspects of tribological properties of self-lubricating Al 2 O 3-based nanocomposites along with its micro structural preparation and mechanical properties.