Design and Implementation of Solar Based Smart Mobile Charging System

Prathiba N et al., Prathiba N et al.,, TJPRC
2020 International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development  
In the current trends of society, cell phones have emerged as the smost demand communication source. The necessity to provide charging service to the public is very much required in day today life, the reason that most of the people moving out from the place they stay are likely to leave their charger maybe at their residing place or in lodges and so on. The paper here presents a system based on coin insertion for cell phone charging and is designed using solar tracking. This can be of use in
more » ... can be of use in rendering service to exurban regions that often lacks in grid power. The proposed system enables charging the battery by harnessing the energy from the sun which can be used anytime without the need of any electricity. The user has to insert a coin in the insertion slot of the coin sensor and just connect the cell phone to the input port which initiates the battery charging. This ensures the required charge to switch on the mobile from off state but not to the fullest charged state. This is quite helpful that at least minimum charging has been done of cell phone battery so that some important calls or any emergency calls can be made use of with the mobile. The greatest advantage is that it is one-time funding since the coin sensor will receive back the coin. The system design is based on Node MCU which performs the countdown timings for duration of 1 minute and LCD display is used to show the leftover time.
doi:10.24247/ijmperdaug202020 fatcat:ojejlcv24rbhxdozvzlpfbbk24