P.Vijai Bhaskar .
2013 International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology  
Speech processing is the study of speech signals, and the methods used to process them. In application such as speech coding, speech synthesis, speech recognition and speaker recognition technology, speech processing is employed. In speech classification, the computation of prosody effects from speech signals plays a major role. In emotional speech signals pitch and frequency is a most important parameters. Normally, the pitch value of sad and happy speech signals has a great difference and the
more » ... difference and the frequency value of happy is higher than sad speech. But, in some cases the frequency of happy speech is nearly similar to sad speech or frequency of sad speech is similar to happy speech. In such situation, it is difficult to recognize the exact speech signal. To reduce such drawbacks, in this paper we propose a Telugu speech emotion classification system with three features like Energy Entropy, Short Time Energy, Zero Crossing Rate and K-NN classifier for the classification. Features are extracted from the speech signals and given to the K-NN. The implementation result shows the effectiveness of proposed speech emotion classification system in classifying the Telugu speech signals based on their prosody effects. The performance of the proposed speech emotion classification system is evaluated by conducting cross validation on the Telugu speech database.
doi:10.15623/ijret.2013.0201017 fatcat:slngkeze5neulfdkslg34tocdy