Impact of Functional Field of Vision of Agent on Crowd Evacuations

We proposed a tunnel vision hypothesis, a narrowed visual field of an evacuee during disaster evacuations, and have analyzed the impact of tunnel vision on crowd evacuations. The analysis is based on the assumption that the stress in evacuation situations restricts human cognitive resources leading to a narrowed visual field; naturally, the behaviors will be affected owing to the reduced area of the agent's vision. On the other hand, it is also possible to assume that tunnel vision is not a
more » ... traint on vision, but a function that changes the shape of vision. We investigate this assumption using agents with a constant area of the visual field of 20 degrees and 120 degrees widths. We conducted experiments using an environment with two exits, one of which is the correct exit and maximized the number of agents who chose the correct exit using an evacuation sign. The results showed that the width of a visual field did not affect the means but the standard deviations. We also conducted experiments with different exit layouts. The narrow visual field increased the standard deviations in one layout and decreased the other.
doi:10.11517/pjsai.jsai2021.0_3i1gs5d05 fatcat:adxlokomlndshg6dikjyl6gqpm