Analysis of Parallelism and Efficiencies of BDF Type Block Methods

Susumu Yamada, Kazufumi Ozawa, Hisashi Nara
1995 Nihon Oyo Suri Gakkai ronbunshi  
. Parallel block methods of BDF ( backward differentiation fbrmulae ) type are studied fbr solving stiff differential equations . In order to treat errors of parallel and serial methods on a uni 丘 ed basis , the parallel block methods are refbrmulated in the fbrm of the general linear method , which leads to a natural definition of global errors . The computational costs , errors and speed − up ratios of the proposed block methods are compared with those of the conventionaI BDF . It should be
more » ... DF . It should be noted that there exists an ef且 cient method which reduces the computational cost of 七 he conventional BDF of the same order by a factor of 5 using ollly two processors . The reason of the achievement is discussed . Exper主 Inental results which demonstrate the validity of the theoretical analysis are presented . 1 は じめ に 常微 分方 程 式 の 初期値 問題
doi:10.11540/jsiamt.5.4_361 fatcat:j5qxch6pnraivdgbxcfd3zbpoe