Exploration of coal-based pitch precursors for ultra-high thermal conductivity graphite fibers. Final report [report]

G.V. Deshpande
1996 unpublished
Portions of this document may be illegible in electronic image products. Images are produced from the best available originat document. ii SUMMARY The primary goal of the project was to explore the utility of coal-based pitch precursors for use in ultra high thermal conductivity carbon (graphite) fibers and it was to be determined through analytical and bench-scale studies in a three year program. From experience in the graphite electrode business, it was well established that coal-based
more » ... t coal-based pitches tend to form more highly crystalline graphite, and they tend to do so at lower temperatures. Since the funding was limited to year 1 effort of the 3 year program, the goal was only partially achieved. The coal-based pitches can form large domain mesophase in spite of high Nitrogen and Oxygen contents. The mesophase reactivity test performed on one of the variants of coalbased pitch (D084) showed that it was not a good candidate for carbon fiber processing. Optimization of WVU's isotropic pitch process is required to tailor the pitch for carbon fiber processing. The hetero atoms in the coal pitch need to be reduced to improve mesophase formation.
doi:10.2172/442046 fatcat:xgamvpoeb5blndoedrfpmwl5fm