Respiratory Adsorption of Organic Pollutants in Wastewater by Superhydrophobic Phenolic Xerogels

Yinchun Li, Depeng Gong, Youliang Zhou, Chaocan Zhang, Chunyang Zhang, Yitian Sheng, Shu Peng
2022 Polymers  
Organogel adsorbents are widely used for the adsorption of hard-to-degrade organic pollutants in wastewater due to their natural affinity to the organic phase in water. In this study, phenolic xerogels (PF) synthesised in the ethylene glycol inorganic acid system are used as a backbone and superhydrophobic phenolic xerogels (ASO-PF) are obtained by grafting aminosilanes onto the PF backbone via the Mannich reaction. The modified ASO-PF not only retains the pore structure of the original PF (up
more » ... o 90% porosity), but also has excellent superhydrophobic properties (water contact angle up to 153°). Owing to the unique pore structure, ASO-PF has excellent compression properties, cycling 50% compression deformation more than 10 times without being damaged, with a maximum compression deformation of up to 80%. A squeeze–suction–squeeze approach is proposed for selective adsorption of organic pollutants in homogeneous solutions based on the recyclable compression properties of ASO-PF. The ASO-PF is put under negative pressure by squeezing, and when the pressure is released, the adsorbed liquid enters the ASO-PF, where the organic pollutants are retained by the adsorption sites in the skeleton, and then the remaining water is discharged by squeezing. This breathing ASO-PF holds great promise for organic pollutant adsorption and recovery applications.
doi:10.3390/polym14081596 pmid:35458346 pmcid:PMC9028260 fatcat:cnijxiqvqjb23dzxjqho6ihm54