Discretization of 3d gravity in different polarizations

Maïté Dupuis, Laurent Freidel, Florian Girelli
2017 Physical Review D  
We study the discretization of 3d gravity with Λ=0 following the loop quantum gravity framework. In the process, we realize that different choices of polarization are possible. This allows to introduce a new discretization based on the triad as opposed to the connection as in the standard loop quantum gravity framework. We also identify the classical non-trivial symmetries of discrete gravity, namely the Drinfeld double, given in terms of momentum maps. Another choice of polarization is given
more » ... the Chern-Simons formulation of gravity. Our framework also provides a new discretization scheme of Chern-Simons, which keeps track of the link between the continuum variables and the discrete ones. We show how the Poisson bracket we recover between the Chern-Simons holonomies allows to recover the Goldman bracket. There is also a transparent link between the discrete Chern-Simons formulation and the discretization of gravity based on the connection (loop gravity) or triad variables (dual loop gravity).
doi:10.1103/physrevd.96.086017 fatcat:2nu2o7ikofhflj4uqxtr2k3uye