International Conference on Chemistry and Engineering in Agroindustry Installation of Turbine Ventilators and Lighting Systems to Improve Occupational Health and Safety in The Randang Kacang Industry, West Pasaman

Candrianto, Silfayona
Randang Kacang is an industry which is part of food processing industry. This industry is still a SME (Small Medium Enterprise).SME Randang Kacang is a growing industry, make by consumer order. Besides SME Randang Kacang is also able to provide manpower, as means to facilitate the production process. This utilized manpower to expedite the process of production. The production process is carried out in the room that have higher temperature. And the production room that has not had alighting
more » ... had alighting system, workers can lead to carelessness causes accidents, so that workers are not comfortable in working. Therefore we need an increase in Occupational Health and Safety. So workers can work comfortably, healthy and safe during the production process. In this researched need to perform the installation of the turbine ventilator, aiming to stabilize room temperature in the production room, according to the Indonesian National Standard (SNI). Including to design of artificial lighting systems. Utilized TL bulbs (flourescent) in some point in the production process rooms to avoid the worker accidents. Installation of turbine ventilator performed at the top of the roof. At the top of the roof installed 2 turbine ventilator which has a diameter of 60 cm. Turbine ventilator can absorb 200% more air temperature. To reduce lack of lightening systems utilized 18 watt Philips Light bulbs (fluorescent) in 28 points according to SNI.