Quality Engineering of Distributed System with Hassle Free Load Curve Optimization

J. Jeyachitra, K. Iyakutti, K. Alagarsamy
2013 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Distributed system presents the possible approaches for distribution and aggregation of diverse set of resources such as computers, storage space systems and other specific devices. Normally, these set of resources are processed by the different set of users in different organizations. So, the users might contain diverse objectives and plans and their activities is very complex to differentiate. And also when the demand over the system increases, the load balancing problem arises and the
more » ... over the systems increases. So, it is necessary to improve the load balancing in the distributed system by means of distributing the application load with software engineering traffic principles. Jun Zhang et.al., presented a novel nonparametric technique for traffic classification which can develop the performance of the classification efficiently by integrating associated information into the classification method. However the traffic classification using non-parametric and non engineering approach fails to balance the load effectively in distributed system. So, in this work, we plan to improve the quality of load balancing in the distributed system by adapting Hassle-free Curved Optimization (HCO) traffic engineering principle. The HCO traffic engineering principle is presented with this research for effective load balancing and communication cost in distributed system. Heuristic algorithm is followed in HCO principle with given communication pattern to produces an optimal solution for effective distributed data/service communication. The experimental performance of HCO traffic engineering principle is evaluated with Solar Flare Data Set from UCI repository against existing non-parametric approach for effective load balancing scheme to attain quality assurance, effective load balancing with minimal communication cost.
doi:10.5120/13441-1219 fatcat:ydkakp7vufh4pnxtrneeoblgny