Diagnosis of Anchorage System's Integrality and Bearing Capacity Based on Ultrasonic Detection Technology

Luo Bin, Xu Ming, Liu Xianshan, Zhixin Yan
Sonoprobe method has been applied in non-destructive inspection of anchorage project. The fun-dament is that dynamic transient excitation causes the elastic vibration of an anchor bar, and flaws can be estimated or deduced by determining transient response of the anchor bar. FEA numeric solution of hyperbolic equation indicates that deductions must comply with acoustic parameters such as velocity of sound, vibration range, wave shape etc when inspecting interior flaws in the grout of an anchor
more » ... grout of an anchor bar. Based on wavelet packet analysis, the energy eigenvector is a flaw vector, which could be regarded as the basis in the non-destructive inspection of anchors. As a non-linear dynamical system, artificial neural networks dealing with quality inspection of grey system have been proved efficient.