Hybridization in Selected Species and Genera of Diaptomid Copepods in China

Hui-Ming Li, Ping Liu, Xiao-Li Zhang, Henri J. Dumont, Bo-Ping Han
2021 Water  
To better understand the fauna of freshwater calanoid copepods of China, including the occurrence of intra- and intergeneric hybridization, we studied five species, distributed across the whole of China or in South China. We sequenced a mitochondrial (COI) and the nuclear ribosome 18S operon (ITS) to reconstruct the phylogenetic trees by using a Bayesian and maximum likelihood (ML) approach with 161 individuals. The phylogeny tree revealed five clades and two geographically separated subclades
more » ... n both S. ferus and P. tunguidus. We found, for the first time, that the hybrid specimens occurred in Diaptomidae, but low hybridization suggested effective barriers to hybridization and introgression. One hypothesis, that hybridization is recent and was initiated by invasions via canals built between the Yangtze and Pearl rivers c. 2000 years ago, is not supported by K2P genetic distances of the order of 20%. Furthermore, COI analysis of different populations of S. ferus and P. tunguidus revealed two geographical clades in each species, with genetic distances commensurate with cryptic speciation. Both clades occupy subranges maintained without visible barriers to mixis.
doi:10.3390/w13091181 doaj:4334425c63094c1f9b96517e7f5861a1 fatcat:rn5llazxdfdujp5he3fe3loi6i