ECAPM: An Enhanced Coverage Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network Based on Probability Model

Sun Zeyu, Wang Huanzhao, Wu Weiguo, Xing Xiaofei
2015 International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks  
How to cover a monitored area with the minimum number of sensor nodes is a fundamental in wireless sensor network (WSN). To address this problem, this paper proposes ECAPM, that is, Enhanced Coverage Algorithm Based on Probability Model. Given an area to monitor, ECAPM can calculate the minimum number of sensor nodes to cover that area. Firstly, ECAPM introduces the method to compute the expectation of probability that a sensor node is covered. Then ECAPM presents the procedure of expected
more » ... re of expected value calculation when target node is covered by one sensor node and N sensor nodes. Finally ECAPM verifies the relation of proportional function when random variables are not independent. The simulation results show that ECAPM can cover the monitored area effectively with less sensor nodes and improve the quality of coverage.
doi:10.1155/2015/203502 fatcat:j7y6gofhjncfljqoi3vadx6tcq