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1908 Scientific American  
The Report of the Commissioner of Patents for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1907, has been issued, ana shows a considerable increase in the amount of busi ness transacted. During the year there was filed a total of 66,795 ap plications, including 56,514 for mechanical patents; 816 for designs; 192 for reisslIes; 7,869 for registration of trade marks; 982 (or registration of labels, and 422 for registration of prints. In addition to these appli cations, there were filed 1,900 caveats. There
more » ... 0 caveats. There were issued 33,644 mechanical patents; 529 design patents; 165 reissues; and there were registered 8,798 trade marks; 660 labels, and 325 prints. The number of patents which, expired was 25,322, while 4,707 letters ]latent were withheld for non-payment of the final fees. 14,565 applications were allowed, and awaiting the pay; ment of the final fees. A decrease in the number of trade marks, prints,
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican01251908-55a fatcat:lexk3uemeng67a5lx2ef5xx6ke