A Study on Riparian Habitats for Amphibians Using Habitat Suitability Model
서식지적합성 모형을 이용한 수변지역 양서류 서식지 분석

Seunggyu Jeong, Changwan Seo, Jaehyun Yoon, Dong Kun Lee, Jonghoon Park
2015 Journal of Environmental Impact Assessment  
The objective of this study was to analyze characteristics of distribution of amphibian species and the affecting ecological factors. For the study, habitat environment factors were determined and applied to a habitat suitability model for the data collected from the Seom River in Hoengseong County and Wonju City, Gangwon Province, Korea between March 2013 to October 2013. The analyzed amphibian species were Rana nigromaculata, Hyla japonica, Rana dybowski, and Rana rugosa Temminck and
more » ... and a logistic regression model was used with the pseudo-absence
doi:10.14249/eia.2015.24.2.175 fatcat:jt2yspomdbgdlljeisyegtufua