A New Approach for Restructuring Vijayanagar Feeder [MUSS Hassan] to reduce the distribution loss

Roopa K, Ranjan N A, Tejamoorthy M E, Abhilash B T
Electricity distribution is the final stage in the delivery of electricity to end users. A distribution system's network carries electricity from the transmission system and delivers it to consumers. The performance of distribution system becomes inefficient due to the reduction in voltage magnitude and increase in distribution losses. Distribution system reconfiguration is one of the techniques to minimize the losses. The standard switching indices are used for the network reconfiguration. An
more » ... econfiguration. An algorithm has been developed to arrive at an efficient network configuration using MATLAB software. The algorithm has been tested on standard 32 bus system and 11kV distribution system of Master Unit Sub Station, Hassan.
doi:10.17148/ijireeice/ncaee.2016.21 fatcat:l76wjkjmlfcxvm3hwsqvr6n2by