Detailed Flow Measurements at the Exit of a Mixed Flow Turbine Under Steady Flow Conditions

N. Karamanis, R. F. Martinez-Botas, C. C. Su
1999 Volume 1: Aircraft Engine; Marine; Turbomachinery; Microturbines and Small Turbomachinery   unpublished
A detailed flow investigation downstream of two mixed-flow turbocharger turbines has been carried out at 50% and 70% design speeds, equivalent to 29,400 and 41,300 rpm respectively. The measurement technique used was laser Doppler velocimetly (LDV). The measurements were performed at a plane 9.5 mm behind the rotor trailing edge, they were resolved in a blade-to-blade sense to fully examine the nature of the flow. The results confirmed the performance tests and indicated the improved
more » ... of the rotor with a constant inlet blade angle relative to the rotor with a nominally constant incidence angle.
doi:10.1115/99-gt-342 fatcat:iima3syqczeepgdhodwpziwize