Patient Values Associated with an Exergame Supporting COPD Treatment

Kira Oberschmidt, Marijke Broekhuis, Christiane Grünloh
Exercise games (exergames) can help COPD patients stay active and prevent exacerbation. When evaluating such exergames, patient values are an important variable to take into account. In this study, seven COPD patients used an exergame technology at the physiotherapist for six months. Their values regarding treatment and the exergames were identified in interviews. Values were very stable throughout the study, and closely interconnected. Personal Guidance and Independence were important values.
more » ... dditionally, patients sometimes held conflicting values that they prioritized differently at different times or based on specific events. As the study identified important values that appeared stable over a period of time, albeit with different prioritization, they are worth considering when designing new technology. However, values cannot be looked at in isolation because of the strong connection between values.
doi:10.3233/shti220573 pmid:35612193 fatcat:m44iwsjgyzelhohbg543s43gsu