Bending Poisson Effect in Two-Dimensional Crystals

Xiaofei Liu, Douxing Pan, Yuanzhou Hong, Wanlin Guo
2014 Physical Review Letters  
As the Poisson effect formulates, lateral strains in a material can be caused by a uniaxial stress in the perpendicular direction, but no net lateral strain should be induced in a thin homogeneous elastic plate subjected to a pure bending load. Here, we demonstrated by ab initio simulations that significant exotic lateral strains can be induced by pure bending in two-dimensional crystals, in which the lateral components of chemical bonds can respond to bending curvature directly. The bending
more » ... sson ratio, defined as the ratio of lateral strain to the curvature, is a function of curvature depending on chemical constitution, bonding structure, and atomic interaction of the crystal, and is anisotropic.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.112.205502 fatcat:xcs4gvbsgvewjeheiubhhzg5g4