The Nanaimo Free Press [Saturday, November 28, 1931] [article]

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Conservatives In Annual Meeting Here Endorsed The Tolmie Government Tftf unf^ctl m -ftinK o{ the H. i. j tnent. money in relief work 4nti!ution deahn« wiili uneniploymcm trrn<^ c.intmwe to defense of-the policy of tin pfcaented frvm every »cction of the pro • government during which he suted rioce. dealing with im^ions of ronfid-^ihat the B. C. frovernraent had made ence in the gmernment and in connee-^ large expen.Hture» on the atsurauce tloe with relief work and the unem-fretfr Ottawa that
more » ... I>oroinwn Ciovployed 'ittsatioR. Keioiatk»tis were j crmneni would give the necessary ii-»Bl«ni'tled iroin t otnox and North' Van-^ nancial backing to all uiiderukingv in CVMiTtT ia ccmmclion with the reditiri-. proportion to the aiiw.imi uded by bution of aealt. The reaohition from provincial governmentr and arooicipal.. Ccnm favv-rmfi a reduction of mem-'---•* '• ---• teri in the legislature from 48 to 24. lliAt North Vancouver merely asked m a reducton in the pcKKfit membership Ur. Percy Roahtee of rarksville, »poke io farne of the Comox resolution and the one submit ted from North Vanciwver wa» sup ported io -Vr W. C. Winkle of Vic toria. .After considerable ditcussim an amendment was carried referring the whole matter to the government fur consideration and aettiement. A 'uhniitted deah in the maw with thjre rjuejlions. uncmploy-tie*. lion. Ur. UcKcnaie, Minister oi Mine*, also antaner«> and cnthunasttc rcceptwo of h:s career when he made ka appearance at the annua! gatheriag of British Cobmbu Conservative deiegates lirre yesterday. Men and women delegate* ri-*sc and cheered wildly in avcia tiling the Premier, and h was son;e t me before the applause TUi personal triumph wat repeatW later srhen tV Premier addressed the dckgairi :i..iii ah parts of the prov ince at thr ba'K'fuc: tliat featured (hr ntertainment of the viaiusta m the UaUsfHna Hotel. In the course of hi* retiew ••■i m Bntuh Coitmih«a, Ihm. I>r T»dtn:e revealed that ikfohatk'xit were, under way with both Brituh aril .\nirricjii interests who Sf^t to ar.]uire the Pacific l»r«at Ei^rn Ka'lwaj He mjplit l ave 'orrsc Miwwnrrinrr.t ■ ! importance ;u re open t,. the railway lo make ut the near futun. the Premier intuuated. There Wvuid be r-> election next year, he said. lor favors, or to beg iV fair treat ment . and 1 am jirvud, indeed, toniglit to feel that 1 have that support I de--ire. and wriihout any t|ac4tton about !t (Cheers). N« Elactian Here Dr. Tohnie gave-a straight in-iinutKm tliat there will be no election next year, bm that the Government ws.uld use iis-alkoted term in which to bring order oat of the clioas it found when it»t»W)k office three year* ago. ■■-\l**nit an election,*' he said. *'we have two sessions to go, and I do not think tint the present times are such that wr i>ught to go to the cooniry; in view OI everything. The ijuestton of rcdistrihmioa most also be settled. l»r. Tolmie said he saw no need of a ci-» at ihi* time, hut :f when an election was in sight the party wanted a convention, it was its right ami Would be grame*!. ■ I think we all have the gowd of the Consemahre party soundly at heart. lUicets.) That n greater t'« me than any persona! wrlfare. and it is the, proade-'t nKimen: m my life lonwltt.! that I can stand i>efnre *\hi and talk to you thi*." ecmcluded Premier Tolmw Pi-iai Att\nmmd Cheer* drowned his closing telujrkk and CkUitinucd unabated for j several minutes, Three time* LMClSei COTTON INDOSm riCES CEISIS Manchi'jter Nov. 28.-.Another crisis today threatened the Lancashire cotton industry with a realization that an agreement on hours and wages will end on Dec. 31st with the possibility of a «ectmnal if not a general stoppage ol work, as the master spinners have giv en jii.tice of an iiKrease in the 48-hour week with no increase in pay. Trades L'nkm leaders declare they will fight any attempt to terminate the 48-bour week. ST.liMSTOPLlV B ON SDNDiV For the Pacific (.'oast League game hire Sonday, .St. Aodrctits. according «'• advance infonnatioo. will fieW the best team they have ycl done this year I an endeavor to break into the win ing column of the league Ublc. The Scot* always play a good game I Nanaimo, and arc popular with the fans here. The City will field a team with three changexT^om that wWth won against St. Sariouhi at Vancouver last Satur day Williams will be in goal instead of Blewctt; Boyd will replace English, and (t. Grey replaces Bod Sandland at • ■uiside left, and on form this team Ahould he a?)1e to take the full quota .'f jxiini* on Sunday. The game starts at 2J0 with U5ce Horne referee. The teams are: NanaiBo CHy Goal. Wiliums; back*. Boyd and Ed munds; halve*, Xlcfiregor, Kulai and Knight; forward*. R. Grey, Waugh. Strang. Reid and G. Grey. Substitute.*, Blewett, English, Wilson r<'wler and Sandland. St. Aadrewt Boai. Rabbitt: backs. Constable and McKilibin; halve*, Gerrard, Williams ahd' Alcock; lorwardi Babcock Ster* -eti*. JohnKin, Horne and Platt. .Substitute*. McDonald. Henderson, and .\rnott.
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