Box-Behnken modelling of phenol removal from aqueous solution using Emulsion Liquid Membrane

A Balasubramanian
2017 International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
Response surface methodology (RSM) is used to optimize the process parameters for the removal of phenol from aqueous solution of wastewater using emulsion liquid membrane technique. The liquid membrane used was composed of Xylene as the solvent, SPAN-80 as the surfactant and sodium hydroxide as an internal reagent and optimized using Box-Behnken design. The optimum values for these factors were found to be surfactant concentration 3.29 % (v/v), M/I ratio 1.05 (v/v) and E/E ratio 0.474 (v/v).
more » ... tio 0.474 (v/v). Under optimal conditions, the model predicted a maximum efficiency of 96.79%. The obtained model is highly significant (Fobs ≥ FTabulate and low p-value) with a correlation coefficient of 99.42%. On the other hand, linear, quadratic and interaction terms in this model have the largest statistical effect on the response (confidence level= 99 %).