One Health Information and Communication Technologies How digital humanities contribute to public health

Hans Ossebaard
Zoonoses are infectious diseases that are transmitted either directly or indirectly from animals to human beings. The human and economic costs of zoonoses and antimicrobial resistance can hardly be overestimated. Due to ecological and socioeconomic behavioral changes, new and different zoonoses emerge while antibiotics' effectiveness decreases. Early warning and surveillance systems are part of the public health response. However, a more pre-emptive approach is needed. 'One Health' entails a
more » ... ealth' entails a global strategy to advance interdisciplinary collaboration and communications in all aspects of health care for humans, animals and the environment. As of yet, the importance of social sciences and eHealth technologies for infectious disease research and public health policy is underestimated. The digital humanities provide methods and concepts that can set the One Health approach to work.