Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling and Roof Deformation Analysis of Yuanjue Cave Based on Point Cloud Data

Zhigang Meng, Manchao He, Zhigang Tao, Bin Li, Gang Zhao, Mingru Xiao, Timothy O. Olawumi
2020 Advances in Civil Engineering  
Yuanjue Cave is the core exquisite cultural relic of the Dazu Stone Carvings World Cultural Heritage Site. For hundreds of years, with the continuous effect of natural forces and the erosion of various deterioration factors, the sidewall and roof rock mass of Yuanjue Cave were eroded, some parts of supporting rock mass were fragmented, and the boundary conditions of the rock mass have deteriorated, which have seriously endangered the Yuanjue Cave; once the roof collapses, the national treasure
more » ... n the cave will be destroyed. In order to preevaluate the stability characteristics of the Yuanjue Cave rock mass and provide key parameters for the preventive protection of the Yuanjue Cave, this paper firstly established a refined database of key parameters of Yuanjue Cave and adjacent areas (geometry, geology, physical properties) based on three-dimensional laser point cloud scanning, a fine survey of adjacent areas, engineering geophysical prospecting, and indoor multifactor coupling tests. Then, based on FLAC3D finite difference numerical simulation technology, an accurate three-dimensional numerical calculation model of Yuanjue Cave was constructed. Finally, the model was used to analyze the roof stability of Yuanjue Cavern, revealing the deformation laws of the Yuanjue Cave roof under static load conditions, and the numerical calculation results were compared with the on-site measured results, verifying the feasibility of the high-precision modeling method, and the reliability of the numerical calculation results provided a reference for the preventive protection of the cultural relics of the cave temple.
doi:10.1155/2020/8825015 fatcat:g3tk67y42zd4vltkppc2xmnzba