Overdurability and Technical Wear of Materials Used in the Construction of Old Buildings

Jarosław Konior
2021 Materials  
The technical maintenance of old tenement houses traditionally constructed is an ongoing problem, and will continue to be so in the coming years. The subject of the article includes old residential buildings from the turn of the XIX and XX centuries, which are a part of Wroclaw's downtown district. They can be understood as an essential link in the process of shaping the cultural and social microenvironment of man. The ability of them to meet the multiple expectations of residents depends on
more » ... natural aging of tenement houses' materials, the methods of their maintenance and use, and the influence of the many factors that cause their accelerated wear. The assumed durability is the main reference parameter of the changing age of the inspected tenement houses. The course of the theoretical and observed degree of the technical wear of these buildings was compared with their durability. For the age of these buildings, the technical wear should reach 100%. It was observed that in the first period of use of tenement houses, the phenomenon of "infradurability" occurs, and after exceeding a certain age—depending on the maintenance conditions of the building—the phenomenon of "overdurability" of the building occurs. It was shown that the durability of important elements of old buildings, as a parameter that was defined "a posteriori", ranges from 153 to 177 years, and is greater than the corresponding literature values indicated "a priori". The probability of reaching such an age of an element, in which the observed values of technical wear exceed the theoretical values, is much higher than the probability of an opposite event. A comparative analysis of the distribution functions of these probabilities indicates that the probabilities of theoretical wear values are higher than those observed in the case of the assumed literature durability of elements. There is also an inverse relationship for durability that corresponds to the age of the oldest examined elements of tenement houses.
doi:10.3390/ma14020378 pmid:33466776 fatcat:str6zegswrdwbiltpkqa7rpzlq