Role of mRNA Binding Protein (HuR) Expression Level in Cancer Cells ‫المفتاحية‬ ‫الكلمات‬ : ‫تطور‬ ، ‫للور‬ .‫مأ‬ ، ‫للقولون‬ ‫سرطمن‬ ‫للوسيجي‬ ‫للمومعي‬ ‫للتصبيغ‬ ، ‫للور‬

Ibrahim Altamemi, Rateb Fanokh, Abo Khadher, Altamemi, Abo Khadher
2016 Medical Journal of Babylon   unpublished
HuR is a mRNA-binding protein. Intracellular localization of HuR is mainly found within nucleus, but it could be translocate between the nucleus and cytoplasm. In the cytoplasm HuR canincrease half-life of certain mRNA target. Since cytoplasmic localization of HuR is essential for its activity, thus, HuR translocation in malignant cells could have prognostic indication. In the present study we aimed to evaluate the significance importance of HuR in the aggressiveness ofcolorectal
more » ... ctal adenocarcinoma. To achieve this goal, we have investigated itsexpression level in adenocarcinoma sample from Iraqi patients, 7through linking its expression with tumor histopathological variables (stage, grade, grade, and lymph node involvement), by using Immunohistochemical staining method. Study done on 40 colorectal cancer samples and their respective resection margins. Present study demonstrated that, the positive expression rate of integrin HuR in non-tumor colorectal mucosa was significantly lower than that of the colorectal cancer (CRC) tissue (P<0.005). Moreover, when CRC samples breakdown according to histopathological variables, significant differences in expression level of HuR protein when compared with different tumor stage, grade, and LN involvement depending on mean expression ±SE value (P< 0.05, P< 0.05, and p<0.05 respectively). Our results show that high cytoplasmic HuR expression is associated with a poor histologic differentiation, large tumor size, and poor prognosis in colorectal adenocarcinoma.