Studies Concerning the Hygiene Conditions from the Sadu Farm, Romania

Mihaela-Adriana Tiţa, Letiția Oprean, Ecaterina Lengyel, Ramona Maria Iancu, Ovidiu Tiţa, Corina Simian
2014 Management of Sustainable Development  
This paper aims to establish the conditions of hygiene of the breeding farm from Sadu, Romania, by monitoring the microbiological indicators such as hospital attendant TNG, total number of yeasts and molds, and total number of coliforms in shelters and on milking equipment. By monitoring air microbial flora, containers used for milking and hygiene of livestock (sheep and cow) values are found by the standards in force, with the recommendation to improve the quality of these parameters in order to reduce the values at lower limits.
doi:10.1515/msd-2015-0012 fatcat:djvbuzaaxnfezjiadbiriemvge