Gunjun Agarwal, Monika Yadav
2014 An International Refereed e-Journal of Literary Explorations August   unpublished
Girish Karnad is one of the twentieth century writers who reshaped Indian theatre as a national institution. He represents India in foreign lands as an emissary of art and culture. He re-energized the Indian English drama by turning back to old roots and showed how myth, folk and history can serve as a powerful medium to dramatize contemporary situations. Indian myths, legends, folk tales and Indian folk theatre traditions which reflect the social and cultural tradition of India need an
more » ... dia need an immediate attention as indigenous culture is near extinction because of foreign cultural invasion. This return to roots and the preference or revival of local culture and tradition is an important aspect of the decolonization process of all post-colonial societies. He provides a perfect paradigm in his plays that deals with the issues of cultural identity, nationhood, gender discrimination and anti-colonial resistance. The paper examines how Karnad is able to blend Indian and the Western theatrical tradition even though the generation was toned between the tension of the cultural past of the country and its colonial past, between the attractions of Western modes of thought and their own traditions.