1922 The Lancet  
writes on the uses of X rays, E. P. Cumberbatch on electricity, A. E. Hayward Pinch on radium, and J. B. Mennell on massage and physical exercises in the light of their application in the treatment of the diseases peculiar to women. It will be seen from these examples of its contents that the scope of this book is wide. The lines on which it is drawn up are sound as well as original. It will prove most helpful to the practitioner since it represents all that is best in the current teaching of
more » ... rrent teaching of midwifery and gynaecology in this country at the present time. The index is full and the printing and format good. Therapeutique Gynecoloqique. Second edition. Par P. GUÉNIOT, Professeur Agrégé à la Faculté de Médecine de Paris. Paris : J. B. Bailliere et Fils. 1922. Pp. 400. Fr.25. THE second edition of this useful work has been extensively revised. Among the modified sections are those dealing with the action of X rays in the treatment of cancer and of fibroid tumours of the uterus; the repair of vesico-vaginal fistulæ through the bladder ; the various operative methods of dealing with prolapse of the uterus ; the operative treatment of fibro-myomata and of cancer of the cervix and body of the uterus. A new chapter has been written on the performance of gynaecological operations during pregnancy. The book has thus been rewritten to a large extent and its value considerably increased. It forms a safe guide to French teaching in that special branch of medicine of which it treats, and its clear arrangement will recommend it to those who require a reference-book of treatment. The figures are well drawn and reproduced and the index is adequate. Synopsis of Midwifery. Second edition.
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