Street Music. A case study of three European cities: Vienna, Warsaw and Wroclaw

Ewelina Grygier
2013 Revista do Fórum Internacional de Estudos em Música e Dança   unpublished
Street performance has a long history (the blind singers on the Balkan Peninsula, for example) and the history of music contains many articles, books and studies about historical music performances in open-air public places, be it street cries, barrel organ players or broadside ballads singers (Grochowski 2010, Tyllner 2001, Barański 1986 and others). While there exist some case studies about present-day music in open spaces (e.g. Tyllner 2001), busking (street music making) is a field with a
more » ... is a field with a lot of space for further research to conduct as it takes a different form in different cities. Differences come from a great variety of factors: weather, legal rules, musical education, character of public space, tourism, cultural and artistic potential of urban areas. The purpose of this case study is to compare these notions in several selected cities.