Descriptions of four new species of amphipodous Crustacea from the Gulf of Mexico

Arthur S. Pearse
1908 Proceedings of the United States National Museum  
Of /larninl I'iiii"rsil u. ('(uiiliridf/i . Mii.^sdclnisctls. The species lieiv described form a small part of a collection of ampliipods from the (Julf of Mexico which was sent to the author for study by the United States National Museum. As lack of time })revents the completion of a full report in the near future, it is thought best to publish now the new forms already discovered. The type specimens are in the United States National Museum. AMPELISCA HOLMESII, new species. Ceplialon about
more » ... Ceplialon about equal to first 3 segments of mesosome, tapering anteriorly, truncated, first coxal plate slightly expanded distally. broader than second, about same width as third, fourth plate deeper than broad" lower edge much shorter than posterior margin. Last ephimeral plate of metasome produced at posterior ventral corner, bisinuate; both the process and lobe are less pronounced than in A. mdcrocephala Lilljeborg. First segment of urosome with a slight dorsal transverse depression and behind it a low carina (more distinct in male) with a slight projecting angle. Corneal lenses small but distinct, lower pair occupying inferior corners of cephalon. First antennae about the lenglh of the cephalon, reaching only slightly beyond the tip of the second segment of the peduncle of the second pair, those of the male reaching ahnost to tip of third segment, flagellum 8-segmented. Second antennae in female scarcely half the length of body, third joint of peduncle shorter than second. Gnathopoda slender, propodus in first about the length of the carpus and slightly tapering distally, that of the second al)out half as long as the carpus and slender. Dactylus of first two pera^opoda much longer than two preceding segments combined. Last pair of pera^opoda with the basal joint almost as long as remainder of leg, posterior
doi:10.5479/si.00963801.34-1594.27 fatcat:cvdk4kfeyfdn5kvrwvcz2vvc7e