The main results of monitoring the fertility of arable soils in the forest-steppe zone of the Central Chernozem Region (on the example of the Belgorod)
Основные результаты мониторинга плодородия пахотных почв в лесостепной зоне ЦЧР (на примере Белгородской области)

Artem Surinov, The center of agrochemical service ", Belgorod", Belgorod State National Research University
2021 АгроЭкоИнфо  
The paper analyzes the results of an agrochemical survey for 2010-2019 of arable soils of the Ivnyansky district of the Belgorod region, located in the south-west of the forest-steppe zone of the Central Chernozem region (CDR). It was found that in the soil and climatic conditions of this area for the period from 2010-2014 to 2015-2019. a decrease in the doses of applied mineral fertilizers from 126.6 to 122.8 kg/ha and a simultaneous increase in the doses of organic fertilizers from 18.3 to
more » ... 1 t/ha contributed to an increase in the yield of winter wheat by 28.3%, spring barley - by 22.7%, corn for grain - by 24.7%, sugar beet - by 34.8%, sunflower - by 26.6% and soybeans - by 15.2%. At the same time, the content of mobile forms of phosphorus in soils increased by 29, potassium - by 53, sulfur - by 0.20, copper - by 0.51, manganese - by 3.61, cobalt - by 0.007 mg/kg, organic matter - by 0.25%. As a result of the implementation of measures for chemical reclamation of acidic soils on an area of 29.6 thousand hectares, the proportion of acidic soils decreased from 80.0 to 56.2%. Keywords: RECLAMATION, TRACE ELEMENTS, ORGANIC MATTER, PHOSPHORUS, POTASSIUM, FERTILIZERS, CHERNOZEM, FERTILITY, ACIDITY
doi:10.51419/20216632 fatcat:22m73kwtdrddho7efl7p2vzab4