Editor's Introduction

Chongfu Huang, Gordon Huang
2017 Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response (JRACR)  
This issue contains 7 papers. There are 3 contributions written in English and 4 contributions in Chinese with English abstracts. The papers can be divided into three topics: hazard assessment, risk assessment and Internet of intelligences for monitoring risks There are three papers in hazard assessment. In the first paper "A Note on Non-parametric Estimation of the Conditional Hazard Quantile Function" by El Hadj Hamel, Nadia Kadiri and Abbes Rabhi, the authors study an kernel estimator of the
more » ... conditional hazard quantile function of a scalar response variable Y given a random variable X taking values in a semi-metric space and using the proposed estimator based of the kernel smoothing method. The almost complete consistency and the asymptotic normality of this estimate are obtained when the sample is an independence sequence. The second paper "Maximum Entropy-Based Model of High-Threat Landslide Disaster Distribution in Zhaoqing, China" by Shao-Xiong Yuan, Guang-Qing Huang, Hai-Xian Xiong, et al., puts forward a Maximum Entropy-Based Model of High-Threat Landslide Disaster Distribution in Zhaoqing, China. Landslide disaster that threatened over 100 people in Zhaoqing, China, were taken as samples. Sixteen environmental factors were selected. The suggested model was employed for simulation analysis of landslides. In the third paper "Major element geochemistry of LongShan Loess profile in the central Shandong mountainous regions, northern China" by Min Ding,Shuzhen Peng, Longjiang Mao, et al., the major elements of the Longshan loess profile on the northern piedmont zones and intermountain valleys of mountainous regions in central Shandong Province in northern China, have been systematically tested and been compared with the YHC loess in the Loess Plateau to reveal the geochemical characteristics and material sources of LS loess. It is found that the average chemical composition of Shandong LS profile is similar to that of typical loess at YHC profile. There is one paper in risk assessment. The paper "Time Limit of the Probabilistic Risk for Natural Disaster", by Jun Guo & Chongfu Huang, studies the period of validity of probabilistic risk for natural disaster. They considerred that risk is for the future and meanwhile dynamic, the result of probabilistic risk analysis in natural disaster could just represent risk for a limited time, which is the timeliness of probabilistic risk.
doi:10.2991/jrarc.2017.25886382 fatcat:ffz7sjuab5hqtfecfhbtnvnto4