Epitaxial growth of a colloidal hard-sphere hcp crystal and the effects of epitaxial mismatch on crystal structure

J. P. Hoogenboom, A. K. van Langen-Suurling, J. Romijn, A. van Blaaderen
2004 Physical Review E  
We demonstrate the epitaxial growth of hard-sphere hcp and double hcp crystals using a surface pattern that directly dictates the stacking sequence. A detailed three-dimensional analysis based on real-space measurements is performed on crystal structure as a function of template-crystal mismatch, which demonstrates the possibilities of colloidal epitaxy as a model system for studying the effects of a patterned substrate on crystal structure. Perfect template-induced hcp-crystal growth occurs at
more » ... al growth occurs at an isotropically deformed template. At deformed lattices we observe growth of a non-close-packed superstructure and of a perfect (100)-aligned fcc crystal. Small mismatches lead to increased out-of-plane displacements followed by a structural breakup in "crystal" grains where particle positions in successive layers are strictly periodic and "defect" grains where these positions are displaced with respect to each other. Large mismatches prevent crystallization in the surface layers. The volume fraction was found to vary drastically (up to about 20%) as a function of template deformation.
doi:10.1103/physreve.69.051602 pmid:15244824 fatcat:estbemvgpfamvixbilkzywm6ga