Distributed Collaborative Construction in Mixed Reality

Christian Blank, Malte Eckhoff, Iwer Petersen, Raimund Wege, Birgit Wendholt
Distributed collaboration, portable mobile applications, natural user interfaces and comprehensive systems have been identified as future research directions in recent reviews about mixed reality in construction. On the other hand, current research in the mixed reality field addresses movement and anthropometric realism as critical success factors for an im-mersive virtual environment. Advances in object tracking, online (human) 3D reconstruction and gestural interfaces accompanied by wearable
more » ... obile displays provide us with the technological base to contribute to the challenges in both areas. In this paper, we propose a comprehensive immersive environment for a distributed collaborative construction process in a mixed reality setup. Participants on remote sites, solely equipped with smart see-through glasses, are cooperating in the construction of a virtual 3D model combining real (tangibles) and virtual objects. We consider our solution to give most suitable support for a distributed collaborative construction task by increasing the immersion of the environment, i.e.: (1) creating the impression of real collaboration by mirroring the behavior of participants in a common virtual scene; (2) providing more natural interaction through freehand gestures; (3) increasing the physical experience of the user through wearable 3D displays and construction with tangibles.