Aleskerova Sara Tahir gyzy
2020 Scientific Journal "Regional Studies"  
The article discussed some aspects of is lobbyist a legal actor of decion making process or just "bribe giver and taker". Indeed, some state laws limit the definition of lobbying to attempts to exert undue influence. Decisions made by private organizations or corporations or from outside do not affect the entire political body. All lobbying is motivated by a desire to influence government decisions. Many actions and events influence the outcome of government decisions, but they are not
more » ... ed by the intention of influence, which is not lobbying. The purpose of study is to determine the real definition of lobbying in the USA and the difference between "lobbyism" and "corruption". The methodology of the research involves using the qualitative methods including content analysis, discourse anylysis, analysis of existing rules, documents, recommendations, research papers, experience and also expert critique of lobbying is used. Moreover, a strong empirical background and descriptive method of study are used in this research. The scientific novelty of the article is that this research is the first broader research on identifying diffirience between lobbying and corruption. In the final analysis, outcomes of debates over the role of lobbying in the USA policy and lobysits' impact on decision making process in Washington are researched in this article. Whenever, in this article these two synthesized words were analyzed as totally different concepts. This article can include both what we define as corruption but also what we define as lobbying. Our exploration starts with a brief history of legislative lobbying in America. Famous researchers' such as Lester Milbrath, John Mearsheimer, Stephen Walt's opinions related the topic also are included to the article. We tried to figure out, to shine light on the "dark art" of lobbying by explaining who lobbyists are and what exactly they do. All in all, nobody suffers (except the public) so it's a case of no harm no foul. (The public don't count.) I think this statement by Chris Price is a reality of American lobbying process: "No harm, no foul because the public don't count". İn my opinion, lobbying is necessary and healthy part of democracy which keeps system dynamic.
doi:10.32782/2663-6170/2020.20.12 fatcat:qeidm4cvizf2zanq26vx6gskdq