A Near‐Infrared Spectral Template for Quasars

Eilat Glikman, David J. Helfand, Richard L. White
2006 Astrophysical Journal  
We present a near-infrared quasar composite spectrum spanning the wavelength range 0.58 - 3.5 um. The spectrum has been constructed from observations of 27 quasars obtained at the NASA IRTF telescope and satisfying the criteria Ks < 14.5 and Mi < -23; the redshift range is 0.118 < z < 0.418. The signal-to-noise is moderate, reaching a maximum of 150 between 1.6 and 1.9 um. While a power-law fit to the continuum of the composite spectrum requires two breaks, a single power-law slope of
more » ... slope of alpha=-0.92 plus a 1260 K blackbody provides an excellent description of the spectrum from H-alpha to 3.5 um, strongly suggesting the presence of significant quantities of hot dust in this blue-selected quasar sample. We measure intensities and line widths for ten lines, finding that the Paschen line ratios rule out Case B recombination. We compute K-corrections for the J, H, K, and Spitzer 3.6 um bands which will be useful in analyzing observations of quasars up to z=10.
doi:10.1086/500098 fatcat:oz2gedklbzfu5km6fn5bjprzjy