Diphoton resonances in aU(1)B−Lextension of the minimal supersymmetric standard model

G. Lazarides, Q. Shafi
2016 Physical Review D  
Inspired by the 750 GeV diphoton state recently reported by ATLAS and CMS, we propose a U(1)_{B-L} extension of the MSSM which predicts the existence of four spin zero resonance states that are degenerate in mass in the supersymmetric limit. Vector-like fields, a gauge singlet field, as well as the MSSM Higgsinos are prevented from acquiring arbitrary large masses by a U(1) R-symmetry. Indeed, these masses can be considerably lighter than the Z' gauge boson mass. Depending on kinematics the
more » ... kinematics the resonance states could decay into right handed neutrinos and sneutrinos, and/or MSSM Higgs fields and Higgsinos with total decay widths in the multi-GeV range.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.93.111702 fatcat:kewzdupxxzaa5kkmbtavogi3ua