1892 Library  
Halifax does double the work accomplished by Clerkenwell at one quarter the cost. I am sorry to have to give the most emphatic denial of the Halifax librarian's statement that any such figures are given in the Clerkenwell report, as he quotes ; and I venture, subject to correction, to question if the other libraries, made to look small in the interesting comparison, published such figures either. At any rate, the Halifax librarian shows his constituents very plainly that as regards library
more » ... egards library management Halifax occupies the very first place. As it is just possible that other librarians may wish to magnify their annual operations by means of a little judicious arithmetical hanky-panky, perhaps I may be permitted to give a certain recipe for attaining this end. Take the totals of a few other libraries, without regard to possible qualifying factors or the existence of varying circumstances, and boil them down till they are devoid of backbone, and consequently in a fit state to compare unfavourably with your own figures. Never mind what other librarians think, but cherish only the local Mat certain to accrue. Then serve up hot to all the newspapers likely to comment on the comparison, and await with hope the prospect opened by such means of being one day called to a higher sphere on the strength of such credentials. As no enquiry was made at Clerkenwell if the figures given in the last report would bear the interpretation put upon them by the Halifax librarian, I feel perfectly justified in thus publicly contradicting the truth of the inferences and claims published in the Halifax report.
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