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Brain Waves, A Cultural History: Oscillations of Neuroscience, Technology, Telepathy, and Transcendence Caitlin Shure This project proceeds from a narrow question: What, if anything, is a brain wave? Beguiling in its simplicity, this question prompts a cultural-historical investigation that spans over 150 years of science, technology, and society. Proposed in 1869, the original theory of brain waves cites etheric undulations to explain reports of apparent thought transference. Though most
more » ... thinkers no longer believe in outright telepathy, I argue that dreams of thought transmission and other mental miracles subtly persist-not in obscure and occult circles, but at the forefront of technoscience.
doi:10.7916/d89p4hqv fatcat:c6ogfdbadbhsvezyvrfhfmdo5a