Special Olympics Canada 2014 Summer Games: Sustainability Report

Matt Dolf, Aliya Dossa, Amani Olia, Serena Ng, Tiago De Souza Jensen
The 2014 Games in Vancouver were the first Special Olympics Canada Games to officially dedicate an entire team towards sustainability. Targeting areas from waste reduction, to health promotion and social cohesion, to sustainably sourced food, the Games Organizing Committee (GOC) consciously made an effort to improve their environmental and social footprints. This report provides details about selected initiatives and provides an overview of sustainability efforts, outcomes, and recommendations
more » ... ith the aim of supporting the sustainability efforts of future event organizers. These Games were organized in conformance with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Z2010-10 Requirements and Guidance for Organizers of Sustainable Events.
doi:10.14288/1.0222983 fatcat:bv4pd5fijjaejmsxsgx44pop44