Endoscopic Eradication of Esophageal Varices Transiently Affects the Development and Severity of Portal Hypertensive Gastropathy

Nishino K, Kawanaka M, Yoshioka N, Sasai T, Suehiro M, Nakamura J, Tanigawa T, Urata N, Kawamoto H, Tomiyama Y, Hino K, Haruma K
2021 Journal of clinical and medical images and short reports  
The impact of esophageal varices treatment on portal hypertensive gastropathy and its subsequent clinical course must be investigated. We evaluated whether esophageal varices eradication affects the onset and severity of portal hypertensive gastropathy. Twenty-one patients (seven women; average age, 65.2 ± 11.3 years) who underwent endoscopy >1 month before esophageal varices endoscopy and another endoscopy within 14 days after esophageal varices treatment were included. Follow-up endoscopy
more » ... uated findings at least 3 months after treatment. For cases treated multiple times, endoscopic findings after the last treatment were evaluated. Treatment comprised endoscopic varicose vein ligation for 21 patients. The grade of portal hypertensive gastropathy was grade 0 in 10 cases, grade 1 in 5 cases, and grade 2 in 6 cases, 3 months before follow-up. There were five newly developed (23.8%), five exacerbated portal hypertensive gastropathy cases (23.8%), and 12 cases with no changes (52.4%). Of the nine patients with newly developed or exacerbated portal hypertensive gastropathy, five patients showed improvements of portal hypertensive gastropathy after 3 months of follow-up. Of the five patients, two showed total disappearance of portal hypertensive gastropathy. Finally, of the 19 patients followed up during this study, 11 patients had no improvements in portal hypertensive gastropathy grade; the condition worsened in five and improved in three. Esophageal varices eradication may affect the onset and progression of portal hypertensive gastropathy immediately after treatment. No cases with severe bleeding from portal hypertensive gastropathy lesions have been identified.
doi:10.47829/jcmi.2021.51403 fatcat:pobujxz56fdytosidclj6ieixi